So excited about what God is doing.

I had an amazing conversation. I shared the gospel with a young lady and then asked her why she would not do something about it today. She said she had been thinking about getting back into religion but she believed in science. I explained that there are two pillars the hold up evolution. 1 is abiogenesis and that has not been observed and no one knows how that could happen. 2 is millions of changes in DNA that get you from ameba to human. Explained in depth how that could not happen. I explained the difference between historical science and observational science and that Christians believe and love observational Science.

We talked about logic and how without God it is impossible to exist.

I spent a long time explaining. I asked her again what she thought and she wept. I hugged her and gave her a bunch of info. Please pray for this young lady. She thanked me for sitting out in the cold and talking to people.

I am very excited about what God is doing at Pitt. Gene has been going onto Pitt each Wednesday to share the gospel and have Bible Study. God has even provided an Assistant Campus Leader at Pitt. Please pray for Dennis CNN’s newest Assistant Campus Leader.

You are invited to make an impact on the for Jesus. Join us for the CCN Campus Mission Tour. We will be teaching Christians to share their faith in the evenings at Crosspointe Church March 6-9th 6:45pm-9pm. During the day we will be going to college campuses and sharing the gospel.

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