Mentoring Students to Share the gospel

I went to the Superbowl Outreach and I was given the job of mentoring two young Bible College students. They did a great job and really came out of their comfort zone. They did a great job of witnessing. I helped them with handing out tracts with out fear and how to witness to people.

Witnessing at Pitt is always and adventure. I love these students. I had a professor ask me if I believed the earth was 4.5 Billion years old and I said no. He told me I was crazy. He ran away though and would not have a conversation. It is a shame that he would not stop and listen to reason.

I was handing out the booklet “What Time is Purple?” at Slippery Rock. These 3 young men took one of my booklets. I shared the gospel with them and they could not come up with a reason to not repent and trust Jesus. Pray that they do.

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