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The thing everyone hates

Paperwork was the focus this month. Most of the time I ask people if they enjoy what they do for a living or when I ask them why they stopped doing something for a living they always tell me they hate the paperwork. Paperwork is a part of almost every job worth doing. I have started explaining that to people so that they stay at the jobs they like since paperwork is needed for almost every job. As a missionary on the college campus, I have paperwork that I have to do.  Most paperwork is online these days. I finished moving over all the CCN training materials to a new location. This included going through and editing the content. I had to edit all the word documents and switch them to PDF since the new location believes that word documents are insecure.  I moved the training materials to an internal website so that it is easier for all the campus leaders to understand how to get to the materials.

The next step of the training website will be to create new training materials for the campus leaders now that this part is complete. If you want to go and share the Christian faith you should look at our recommended books page.

I talked to a Chinese student about the gospel. He told me he did not believe in God. I asked him about what is right and wrong. I asked him why those things are wrong. I showed him that unless there is a higher standard that comes from above human standards then it is a standard that can change. We both agreed that murder is always wrong so it makes sense there is a higher standard. He thanked me for being out and about talking to people and making them think. He said he would think about what we talked about.

I shared the gospel with a Presbyterian young man. After I shared he asked if he was in the right sect to get to heaven. I told him that there are lots of people claiming to be baptists and Presbyterians that are not going to heaven. I asked him if he was born again. He wanted to know what it is to be born again. I told him it is when the Holy Spirit gives you a new heart. Normally it is a time where you can look back and see your heart and actions changed. Your priorities change to me about the things of God and not the world. He said he had a time like that. Pray that he is born again.

A Jewish gentleman received a gospel tract and asked what it was about.  He  said he did not believe in an afterlife. I told him that his own scriptures pointed to an afterlife. Daniel 12:2. He told me he was a re-constructionist Jew. I asked him is that where you take your theology and push it through Marxist philosophy so you get rid of God and your scriptures? He told me that the scriptures are just allegories for life lessons. I think he meant to say deconstructionist. I tried to show him the need for his scriptures to be true. I asked him why he does good. He told me that it was not for the next life but to help the next generation. His goal was to not leave a burden on the next generation. I tried to talk to him about why that would be important but he had to go. He told me that he would read the gospel tract and check out our website.

Our annual missions trip is all planned out. We will be going to Ocean City Maryland this year instead of NYC. With all of the crazy things going on I decided it would be a good change of pace. I found a mission house that is willing to host us. The mission house is for groups that share the gospel on the boardwalk so we fit right into what the house is normally used for. The campus leaders will be learning to do sketch board open-air evangelism. Several of the campus leaders have been saying they wanted to learn. We have 3 speakers this year. I expect tons of fruit from this outreach.

Kids clubs start in June. Please pray for the kids to hear and receive the gospel. pray for wisdom on my part to find interesting things for the kids to do. I try to have a craft and an activity for the kids each week.  I will also be helping with Fun and Freedom in June as well.

I often run into interesting people. We had superman walk by on his way to a photo shoot and he was willing to stop and interact with us for a bit.

Please pray for everyone that heard the gospel this month. Pray for all the kids that will hear the gospel this coming month. 

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