Just Keep Sharing – CCN Students sharing the gospel.

I am on the college Campuses week after week. I probably share the gospel verbally with about 600 people a year on the college campuses. Please continue to pray for all the people that hear the gospel each month.

The students at SRU are so excited about sharing the gospel. They are offering students Bibles and giving them their own phone numbers after witnessing to people. They love inviting people to Bible Study. God is readily doing a work at SRU. They text me all excited and telling me they witnessed to people during the week.

Here Lydia is witnessing to Na. Na heard the gospel and agrees with the gospel. She knows what it is but refuses to accept it because she has a sin that she loves more. Pray for her to repent and trust the gospel. She was very sweet.

Please pray for Myrura. She is an x Hindu and now says she is an atheist. I asked her by what standard murder is wrong. I explained that unless there is an absolute standard to judge by she is just asserting her opinion on others. I asked her why her opinion was better than other people’s. She told me that I could have my standard of morals and she could have hers. I showed her that was not true. I explained that if I took her purse because my morals said it was good for me and not hurting anyone that she would call the police and so she really did live by absolutes. She said if there is a God why so many bad things happen to little kids and babies. I told her that people’s sin nature is why. It is because people do bad things. I explained that God would judge those people for doing those bad things and send them to hell or he paid the fine for them on the cross. She said that was not soon enough and walked away. I wanted to tell her that if God got rid of all the bad people he would have to get rid of her but it is good she walked away because at the beginning of the conversation she took the good person test and thought she was a good person. Please pray for her. This is just the quick overview of a long conversation.

For the Spring break one of my students from SRU went down to Pitt to go witnessing.   He was able to talk to lots of people.

Praise Jesus for all that is happening on the College Campuses!

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