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Do not hinder the little children

I spent a week in Boston this month. In the evenings we did kids clubs for unchurched kids. Pray for all the kids who heard the gospel. The parents heard the gospel as well. The lessons were given in English and Spanish. We had 47 kids show up to the clubs. The local church had gone door to door ahead of time and invited the neighborhood kids. Then during the week we walked around the neighborhood and invited the families for free games, stories, and food.

The evening would start with a short story and a magic trick that went along with the trick. Then we did a hangman with a short Bible verse that went along with the theme for the evening. Then we would teach the kids a song with movements that are silly. We would give the main story next. You can see me going over the story of Lauzurus above. After the story we would give out a lesson that all the helpers would sit down with the kids and make sure they understood the lesson in a one-to-one fashion with a homework sheet that included a verse for the child to memorize for the next day. The kids would get points for each activity and memorizing verses and prizes were given at the end of the week. It was a great week of sharing the gospel.


Going over the lesson with the kids was a wonderful experience. It was cool to see that the kids had been paying attention to the stories. The kids would play a game at the end of the evening and all the kids had a great time with the games.

During the day we spent our time sharing the gospel in Boston. I had so many good conversations. I have two that were my favorite. Pray for Gene pictured above. He did not like God because God’s word says that his favorite sin is a sin. I explained to him that God is just and must punish sin wherever it is found. I showed him that everyone has their own pet sin that they love and God calls all of them to turn from their sin. I reminded him that he is wonderfully and beautifully made in the image of God. He gave me a hug at the end of the conversation. I knew that I cared about him and wanted him to end up in heaven. 

Another gentleman who stopped and talked to me was an atheist. He had left 2 wives and his kids had just moved to another city. He was mad that bad things happened. He did not think there could be a God considering how many bad things happen. I explained that the world looks just like the Bible says it would. God created everything perfect and then we brought sin into the world and so bad things happen because there are people in the world. I explained that God was being merciful by not removing all evil from the world because he would have to remove all the people and so God was having mercy on us by not removing all evil at this time.  He said if he was God he would redo the world and have there be no suffering. I explained that God is going to do that exact thing. God is going to remake the world so there will be no pain and no tears. I told him he had to decide if he wanted to be on that new earth and have Jesus pay his fine or if he wanted to pay his own fine in hell.  He walked away but then about 30 minutes he came back and said he liked talking to me and we spent another 30 minutes talking. Pray for him as well.

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