CCN Students sharing their faith

Nothing could make me happier than to see students sharing the Christian faith. This is a Pitt student sharing his faith at Pitt. I could not be more proud. Pray for this young man. These are some of the very first gospel tracts that he has handed out. He is very excited about learning how to share his faith. My ministry is all about sharing the gospel and training others to do the same.

We handed out tracts at 2 parades this month. We handed out thousands of tracts at the Veterans Day Parade and the Holiday Parade. Please pray for everyone that received a gospel tract.

I had so many wonderful conversations this month. This gentleman asked questions but he did not like the fact that I had answers. Often times unbelievers think that if they ask you a question that they will stump you or if they just say that something else is possible then they won the battle. When they are given good answers or forced to prove their crazy possibilities they often stomp away.

Pray for everyone that I talked to this year. Students have noticed that I am here every week and this has been starting many more conversations.

I love saying Merry Christmas as I handout tracts. Almost everyone takes a tract when you say Merry Christmas. The tracts in my hand are Christmas cards with the gospel on them. I love handing them out.

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