Several Hundred People heard the gospel

This is one of those months I wish I had more pictures to show you the ministry that God allowed me to participate in. Below you can see me witnessing at the Hampton Community Center during the Hampton Community Days. We shared the gospel with several hundred people. It went wonderfully. Many ask how many people did you lead to Christ this month and I can say al of them. I showed people their need for Jesus and then told them what Jesus did for them. I left them at the feet of Jesus and that is all I can do.

I attended a discipleship training and it was wonderful.  I plan to implement many of the tools that I learned at the training within CCN.  I spent a lot of time this month writing up new materials for CCN after the training.

I went to NYC to witness at Madison Square Garden and in Union Square.  I found a great location at Union Square where I could hand out lots of tracts and get into tons of good conversations, while being in the shade and being able to sit.  I will being this spot again.  I was asked some interesting questions that I had never heard before. I was asked if our soul has a gender.  I told the person I did not know but then did some research.  I have come to the conclusion that our souls do have a gender.  Our souls and bodies are made at the same time.  They are made at conception.  In Luke 16 the rich man is still a man in Hell.  Jesus and God are Spirit and they have a male pronouns no matter what.  I feel confident that I can give an answer. 

I got to witness at the Jersey Shore.  My favorite conversation was with several young gay women.  I was doing open-air evangelism and they came over and wanted to know if Jesus is pro-LGBT.  I asked them what they meant by that and they could not answer.  I told them that Jesus said if you lust after a woman you have committed adultery in your heart.  If you lust after a woman or if these 4 guys( I turned and pointed to 4 guys to my right ) lusted after a woman it is still the same sin.  They wanted to know if I hated gay people.  I told them that my mother is gay and so is her wife.  I told them that I wanted the same thing for them as I wanted for my mother.  I wanted them to go to heaven.  I walked through a few more commandments and shared the gospel.  The girls cried and hugged me.  They did not leave our conversation without the understanding that I loved and cared about them.  

I was so encouraged. At the discipleship training I met a guy named Jerry that does ministry in New Kensington each Monday. I decided to go down and help out for an evening. It was wonderful. minutes after I got there a bunch of kids were sitting down and asked me a question so I sat down next to them. I pulled out some multi-colored bracelets and shared the gospel with them. I did a trick or two and then they wanted me to tell them the meaning of the colors again so they could tell others. Then they went and got there friends and brought them over and I shared the gospel with these new kids that came over. I spoke to a women whose Dad had died recently and was able to explain who goes to heaven and hell and I shared the gospel with her. She thanked me and wanted to friend me on Facebook.

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