CMT was a success and a young lady left Planned Parenthood

CMT was a wonderful success.  The speakers did a wonderful job; everyone was encouraged and learned so much.  We had about 25 people each night which was wonderful.  We had 8 people out witnessing the first day and about 12 people on the other days.  We had hundreds of gospel conversations.We had a student hand out tracts for the first time.  We had a student open air preach for the very first time. 

One gentleman had this to say: “The Campus Mission Tour was legit! I enjoyed being surrounded by like minded souls searching for the lost, and was encouraged to be more active in the mission field wherever that may be. I developed skills, specifically speaking with college students, and had many great conversations.” -Ryan S

 A young lady decided not to go into planned parenthood.  She had her hand on the door and was walking in when I asked her if she could give me a minute of her time.  She walked over to me and I shared the gospel with her.  I gave her info about help she can get in Pittsburgh and explained why not to go I to planned parenthood.  She walked away(without going in!) she thanked me for sharing with her.

Another gentleman said: “For me, a self described introvert,  I can tell you that CCN has helped me to become a bold witness for Christ. What I’ve learned in theory through the School of Biblical Evangelism or by reading some of Ray Comfort’s books I’ve been able to apply directly through CCN’s ministry.

People were very encouraged by the CMT to Go and share the gospel.

The highlight for me was talking to a young transvestite, Shane.  I asked her if she died today would she go to heaven or hell?  She told me that because she helped the kids in her neighborhood she would go to heaven.  She talked about how her mother had abused her but she protected her brothers and sisters and did not want to be like her mother.  I explained justice and she decided that what I was telling her was true.   She said there was no reason not to repent and trust Jesus.  She agreed with the gospel message I gave her.  She took a Bible and a book about who God is Called “The Gospel of God”.  She cried and hugged me and thanked me.  She said she would read the book over spring break.  She said this is exactly what I was looking for.  Pray for Shane.

God was glorified and Christians were encouraged and hundreds of people heard the gospel in 1 to 1 conversations.  Thousands of people received gospel tracts.

You can see the most of the teaching at

You can see pictures from the CMT here.

The week after that I spoke at a conference.  I taught on how and why to use the good person test when sharing the gospel.  I was able to share the gospel with everyone I ran into at the hotel the night before.  I used the optical illusion tract to entertain many and get conversations going.  After the conference we could people out to share the gospel and they were encouraged by seeing how easy it was to start up gospel conversations.

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