Finished up the Semester

I bought a new sign that asks “Are you good enough to go to heaven? Take the Test” I was able to get into many conversations with this new sign. I was grateful to be able to share the gospel with many.

Christians stopped and thanked me for being on the campus. They said they get into good conversations because I am are here. I had two students stop and talk and I shared the gospel and they were like wow that was a really good message. She said I did not think it would be such a good message. They saw the sign and hand to stop and ask about the test. She did not think it would go like it did. Pray for everyone that heard the gospel this semester at IUP, PITT and SRU.

On the last day I was at SRU I had several students stop and talk and they were interested in Bible Study. Pray that they will come to Bible Study next semester.

I went to NYC this month to make sure everything would go well for this years Repent and Witness.  We are staying at a new location and I wanted to make sure that we would have room for everything we wanted and time out all the trips.  Many people would want to know what things they need to bring and if you have slept there you get a feel for what is needed. 

I did spend lots of time witnessing while I was in NYC.  I tried to convince this Jehovah’s Witness that Jesus is God.  I gave her lots of verses to show her that is the case but she was just not interested.  She told me over and over again that Jesus is not God.   Pray for her and everyone else that heard the gospel in NYC.

I shared the gospel in downtown Pittsburgh as well.   The women above listened to the gospel and she was having a really bad day and she was so glad to hear the gospel.

Pray for everyone that has heard the gospel this month.

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