Good to get out witnessing

It has been wonderful to get out witnessing.  I did not realize how much I enjoy teaching the Bible and witnessing until it was gone.   When I got back to witnessing via video conferencing it was like fresh air.  Getting back to witnessing is like having a purpose in life again. 

The abortion clinics never closed.  Pennsylvania considers murdering babies essential.  It was a good place to witness.  There were people going by that I got to share the gospel with.  I had one guy that was driving by.  He saw the sign and stopped and wanted to know if he would go to heaven.  The police were upset that he pulled over to talk so I had to do a very quick gospel message.   I gave him materials and he was grateful to hear the gospel.

The one Saturday I was out witnessing on my own.  I had people on Facebook pray for me.  After they prayed for me Carol came by on her wheelchair.  We got to witness to a young man. His name was Terence.   He ended up sitting on the ground between Carol and I and listened to us both share the gospel with him.  We were able to answer all his questions.  He was hungry and did not have a mask so he could not go into a restaurant to get food so I gave him a mask.  Pray for Terence to repent and trust Jesus.

I started going downtown to witness on Saturdays again.  I picked a spot and sat on my stool to witness to those people headed to the bus stop.  About 1 hour after I started handing out tracts and witnessing people started to stand at the corner with their signs.  It worked out well for a while since those people walking by had to walk closer to me.  This made it easier to give out tracts to those going by.  The BLM group did not want to hear the gospel and most of them did not take a gospel tract.  There was an older man that kept showing up and trying to get people all excited and then he would leave.  He would come back and try to get everyone excited and then he would leave and then he started to actually get everyone in an uproar and so I left.  It is important to get out the gospel.  I should not let fear stop me but there is no reason to put myself in a situation that I would get hurt for no reason.

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  1. Thomas Hernandez

    Hello Jenifer,

    My name is Thomas Hernandez. I came across you on the prayerstand site

    I am thinking about getting a prayer stand and using it here in my town. Would you be willing to talk with me and share your experience? My phone number is 501-514-0722.

    Also, do you keep in touch with the administrator of the prayer stand site? They have a whole bunch of broken links and I was wanting to reach out and notify them but there is no way to contact them. The phone number provided on the site doesn’t work.

    Thank You!

    1. CCN

      It was great to talk with you. I will be praying for you and your outreaches. Please feel free to call me with anymore questions.


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