Repent and Witness Letter

I am so excited that you will be going to Repent and Witness this year.  Many things are changing this year so you need to make sure you read through this email.  I will also need for you to respond if you want breakfast and tell me your goals for the trip.

Our goal is for you to be transformed, emboldened and on fire for evangelism all the time.  We want you to be trained up so that you know how to share your faith and have the boldness to share the gospel.

The cost of Repent and Witness is $380.  If you have not paid your full amount please go to the following link to pay. :


Please let me know what you prefer for breakfast.  Please put a number of mornings you would like this for breakfast while at Repent and Witness.

1. Hard boiled eggs

2.Cereal , if so what kind and what kind of milk

3.Sausage egg and cheese muffins

4. Oatmeal, would you want milk with this?


We want you to get the most out of this missions trip.  Please send me 5 goals that you would like to accomplish during this missions trip.  Your team leader will help you accomplish these if possible.






Fasting and Prayer

If you are able to fast and pray for the week prior to Repent and Witness that would be wonderful.  The years that people have fasted and prayed we have had God move in miraculous ways.


We will be staying at a new location, MNYBA.  It is a Southern Baptist missionary house.  It is cleaner than the old location.  The staff is wonderful.  It is only 15 minutes from most witnessing locations.  The address is 236 W 72nd Street New York, NY 10023.  When you get off the subway at 72 st go towards Bank of America and go down that way.  MNYBA is on the Left.Check in is at 3pm.  

There is no place to park at MNYBA.

There is no elevator for our use.  You will be walking up 5 floors of steps at least 2 times a day.  There will not be much room for your stuff so do not bring things you will not use.

You will be walking lots of stairs and you will have to carry your suitcase up and down 5 flights of steps

Women and men are both on the 5th floor.  There is a separate rooms for the men and women.  You will want to bring clothes that are modest to sleep in.

The bathrooms are on the 4th floor and the kitchen is on the 3rd Floor.  No food, Drinks or water is allowed on the 5th floor.  

Both the Men’s and the Women’s side has 25 beds in each room.  If you are cold all the time you will want to  bring sweat pants and a sweat shirt.  If you are hot at night you will want to bring a little mini fan that you can clip to your bed frame.

Bring ear buds to help you sleep. Bring an eye mask to sleep.  Others might be getting up earlier or turning on the lights and this will help you.  No talking after 8pm on the 5th floor.  If you want to talk at night go the the 3rd floor and you can talk all you want.

Do not wake up other teams.  Other groups will be staying in the rooms with us.

Bring extension cord so that you can plug in your amp and your phone at night.  

Do not bring much stuff 

You can bring food but you can only have food and water and drinks on the 3rd floor.  

Metro Card:  My hope is that I will mail you a Metro Card before you come to NYC.  If I do not get you one before you get to MNYBA then just get a 1 way metro card to the missions house and I will give you one when you get there.  I paid for them through MNYBA.

Other things to bring:

·       Spending money, including money for lunch anddinner. Your fee covers breakfast daily . Please bring money to cover yourlunch and dinner when we are out witnessing. 

·       Working cell phone and charger. Make sure youbring a cell phone that can send and receive calls, as we will need tocommunicate with you in the city or in case you get lost. If you do not haveone, please see if you can borrow one for the trip. 

·       State ID. Bring your ID wherever you go. Do notleave the mission house without it. 

·       Water bottles to store in the kitchen. You willneed to remain hydrated during the entire trip. 

·       Shower shoes, such as flip flops. The showersare shared, so it is better not to be barefoot. 

·       Sunscreen. Make sure that you bring the rightprotection for your personal skin type. 

·       Light colored clothing that will keep you cool.The summer weather is very hot. 

·       Comfortable shoes. You will be on your feet allday. (Good tennis shoes)

·       A comfortable bag to carry your tracts, etc.(i.e. book bag, fanny pack, etc.) 

·       Pure intentions. Do not come with the intent ofmatch-making or flirting with people of the opposite sex on the missionaryteam, thus causing unnecessary distractions, people to stumble, or a break in thespiritual unity.

·       Please remember that we want unity and we do notwant to be debating the non-essentials with other Christians on the trip

 Bring anything else that will help you to staycool, hydrated, and comfortable during your mission trip. 

·       This is four days of intensive mission work inthe late summer heat and you will be on your feet. Be prepared! I bring a stool with me since I have arthritis.  I also bring an umbrella for rain and keep me out of the sun.

·       Be prepared to deal with rain.  I recommend putting tracts into zip lockbags.  Bring an umbrella or a raincoat.  Put your baby mic into a waterproof container.

·       Bring a baby mic if you are going to open air preach!!!!!! I recommend a voice booster.

·       Bring tracts that you love to use.  Do not bring more than you will use since youdo not want to be carrying too much. 

Print out the schedule: 

Have your bag ready to go with all your evangelism materials before Orientation and before breakfast each day.  It is rude to others on the missions trip to not be prepared and ready to go when it is time.

In the area we are staying

There is a little Market at the end of the block with 6 dollar sandwiches that is open at night along with fruit and such.

There is a hotdog and juice bar open late and a sushi place all close to where we are staying

There is a coffee maker and a tea pot on 3rd floor  Do all your dishes and dry them and put them away as soon as you are done with them.

Please look over the Repent and Witness info doc that is attached.  It will help you know each of our witnessing locations.  It has the hand signals that we use when witnessing. There might be a few locations that we do not go to this year.  We changed 2 of the locations and 1 of them is a location if it rains.


If you want to work on your apologetics before the event here are come good books to read.

Ask Them Why by Jay Lucas

Rights Fight by Jay Lucas

Tactics by Greg Koukl

What they believe by Andrew Rappaport

On the Origin of Kinds, by means of creator God and the preservation of Souls in the Struggle for Eternity by Anthony R Silvestro jr and Jonathan Eckel

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