The useful time during the pandemic

With the pandemic everything moved online.  So the Bible Study moved online as well.  We enjoyed fellowship in a new way.  It will be interesting to see how things move forward after this pandemic.  I put my testimony on line as a way to share my faith.  My testimony got shared 41 times.  I went to the shared links and I was able to talk to people that had questions after they read my testimony. 

I spent a great deal of my time rebuilding the website from scratch.  I have a few things left to do.  I need to add tags to all the pages.  I have 3 pages or so that I have to add content to the pages.  I had to move all of our internal documents to a new location and recreate training for the moved website.  I had created training for the campus leaders to create blogs on the website and how to access our internal training pages.

I have had time to do Bible Study that I would not normally have which has been very useful.  I am working on going over the Westminster Shorter Catechism. 

I cut paper for the summer kid club lessons that I will use to paint on as I give the weekly lessons.   It took me 2 days to cut and roll up all the paper for the summer.  I did create a rig to help me cut the paper so I did not need another person to help me.

We had our Campus Mission Tour online at the beginning of the month.  We were supposed to have 4 days of teaching and 4 days of outreach outside of Philadelphia, however, you now what happened.   I taught on how to do sketch board evangelism.   This is when you paint part of your message before hand on the big paper you see above and then paint as you share the message when you are out and about.  The Campus Leaders loved it and they want me to make a more formal video that I tape so they can watch it again later.

I am ready for all of this to be over.  I really miss being on the college campuses and sharing the gospel with the students.  After I had the first online Bible Study I realized how much I love teaching the students. 

Pray for my oldest son as he graduates without a graduation and all the let downs that go with it in these times.

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