My mission bearing fruit

CCN’s mission:

  • 1. Evangelism, winning the lost to Christ on the campus and beyond.
  • 2. Discipleship, building up young Christians to stand on solid theology.
  • 3. Equipping and training Christians to win others to Christ and build up others.  
  • 4. Sending them out to repeat the process.

Several years ago I was witnessing at Slippery Rock University.  I witnessed to a young man named Matthew.  He was very excited that I was sharing my faith.  He said that no body was doing this on the college campus.  Matthew started going to the CCN Bible Study and was encouraged to share his faith in a biblical manner.  After he graduated from college he became a missionary and went over seas for a while.  Recently he joined CCN as a missionary.  I could not be more over joyed to tell you that Matthew will be trained at SRU as a campus leader for CCN.  

This is a fulfillment of the CCN mission.  I am asking you to partner with me financially monthly so that I can continue to Evangelize, Disciple, Equip and send out Christians like Matthew.

I am ever so excited to tell you that I am training up a new campus leader at the University of Pittsburgh as well.  A gentleman named Gene Henderson will be witnessing and holding Bible Study on Wednesdays at the University of Pittsburgh.  I could not be more excited about what God is doing through CCN.

I have spent my time in December planning for the next semester.  I have two new campus leaders in Ohio and Kentucky as well.  I am spending time working with them to help them be successful on their own college campuses.  

I will be witnessing and holding bible study at Pitt and SRU this semester just as I have in the past.

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