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Coming back to talk again

I talked to this young man two times.  He stopped to talk the first time and I explained that we cannot make a utopia on earth because people are sinful by nature.  Bad things happen in the world because we lie, steal, hate and murder.  The only way politicians would be able to get people to live a perfect life would have to rule over us with an iron fist and no one would be happy.  I explained that God created everything perfect in the beginning.  People messed it up by thinking they could do things better than God.  So Adam and Eve sinned by eating from the fruit of knowledge of good and evil.  That was them raising a fist at God and saying We can do better making our own rules.  We can see how that worked out today.  We all look around and know that things are not as they should be.  God made a way that there will be a utopia in the future.  God sent his son Jesus to live the perfect sinless life that we could not live.  Jesus died on the cross and took the wrath of God in our place.  3 days later Jesus rose from the grave proving he is truly God and truly man and can pay the fine in full.  We must repent and trust Jesus.He thanked me and walked away.  I thought he was a Christian due to his response to us talking the first time.  He came back about 30 minutes later and asked more questions about God.  Pray that this young man does repent and trust in Jesus.

II met up with some seminary students to witness at Pitt and they wanted to use signs. I put a sign next to my stool that said “Evolution is a lie. In the beginning God created …”. A student that lives in the top of one of the towers saw that sign and marched down to give me a piece of his mind. I talked with him for a long while and then one of the seminary students took over. Then one of the student’s friends from the tower saw him talking to us and called his friend and asked him if he was bothering us and so he then came down to talk to us. While I was talking to a Hebrew Israelite with another seminary student my sign was stolen by the Pitt students. Earlier they had asked if they could have it. Then they offered to buy it, but I turned them down. So then I turned my back and they stole it. It was such a great day of witnessing. I bought a few more signs to replace that one.  I cannot wait to use the new ones.

The young lady pictured above came over to encourage me this month.  Before the COVID shutdown a young man was handing out tracts and talking to people like I always do.  He asked her if she knew how to be forgiven.  It really made her think.  With all the time on her hands during the lock down, she researched it and repented and trusted Jesus.  A simple conversation about how you can receive forgiveness lead her to seek out Jesus.  Keep going and talking to others about Jesus.

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