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Sharing During the Holidays

I was able to share the gospel with these five young men. They asked many good questions about salvation and how to get to heaven. They thought they would be able to get there without Jesus. Explaining that without the righteousness of Christ, there is no way to heaven was needed to expand their understanding. The students thought they might be able to earn their way to heaven. One of them thought they were just not bad enough to end up in hell. I realized that I have been sharing the gospel for 18 years now. Please pray that God enables me to continue for another 18 more.

Laura stopped Rodney to ask about his shirt. Then he walked over to the bus stop. She then walked over to him and asked if she could ask him a spiritual question. She ended up sharing the gospel with him. He loved the conversation but had to get on the bus.
Rodney called his friend Chris and told him to come talk to us. So Chris asked me who Rodney talked to and I pointed him to Laura. She shared the gospel with Rodney. He had lots of questions he wanted answered. Like “Why did Jesus agree to take on the guilt?” Then I had to end the conversation because I had a doctor’s appointment. I put our phone numbers in his phone and they texted us. We are hoping to meet up with them next week to answer more questions. It turns out they are both Catholics but turning away from the Catholic faith so it was God’s timing.
I stopped a young man named Grant. I shared the gospel with him and asked him what was stopping him from repenting and trusting Jesus. He said nothing. I asked him if he had a bible and he said yes and gave him a plan to read it. I pointed to the church and told him he needed to start going. He told me he grew up Presbyterian but has not been there in a long time and thanked me for sharing with him. He told me he would read his Bible.


The New Year’s event was very different this year. We had to change our normal location for witnessing. It was a good night of witnessing. We were able to share the gospel with some JW’s. The one was in training to learn to share their message and Laura was able to go over that Jesus is God over and over again with her. I was able to share the gospel with a gentleman from India. He did not know about Jesus and was glad to understand more about him. Pray for everyone who heard the gospel on New Year’s Eve.

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