Tons of Students want to learn to share their faith

The picture that you see here is the students at Pitt. We have had some great teachings. We have learned about the following topics:

  • What is the Gospel
  • Who we are in Christ
  • How to share your faith
  • How we know what idols are in our lives and how to get rid of them
  • Being good stewards of what God has given us (Budgeting)

We had a booth at Millville Days (local community festival) and witnessed to tons of people. We gave out 15 Bibles to people that did not have Bibles, had heard the Gospel and wanted to read the Bible. I was able to encourage several Christians in their faith along the lines of Evolution.

At Pitt one of the students recommended that we create scripture posters and hang them up around campus. I took her suggestion and we hung up scriptures all over the campus. One of the students made beautiful posters with her favorite scriptures.

We had a day that we made tie dyes. The one student had never made them before. The shirts turned out so beautiful. After each fellowship some of the students stay and we play games. We have played Scrabble, cards, Chutes and Ladders. We have enjoyed the time and got to know each other during that time. We are going camping this weekend.
We will be scheduling a time to handout Gospel of John books with students notes in them. I am very excited about this coming outreach. It is an evangelistic book that we are handing out.

I had a student at Slippery Rock hand out her first Gospel tracts. She got to see me witness to several false converts that have gone to church for years but did not know why Jesus Died on the Cross. These same students were interested in coming to fellowship and the student that was learning to share her faith was encouraged by these students new understanding.

Thank You so much for helping make all of this possible.

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