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Campus Mission Tour 2023

In March I went to Austin Texas to attend the Campus Mission Tour. I had so many good conversations.

I talked to this Muslim gentleman pictured above for over an hour the one day. He came over because I handed him “Why Christianity” by Ray Comfort. I explained the gospel to him. I went over the hypo-static Union. I explained the trinity. He asked about if Jesus and God the father exist at the same time. I explained that modalism is Heresy. I was able to explain many issues that people claim to be Christian have. We went over dietary laws and why the difference between Old and New Testament. He thanked me for my explanations. He appreciated my modest clothing and my answers. He thanked me for speaking with him.

I talked to a JW woman for a time at the Texas state capital. I showed through the scriptures that Jesus is God. I walked her through Mark 2:1-12. I showed her that Jesus claimed to be God when he forgave the paralyzed man’s sins. Everyone there knew Jesus was Jesus claiming to be God because they thought who can forgive sin but God? I also walked her through John 8:58. After Jesus says “Before Abraham, I am” They pick up stones to throw at Him because they knew he was claiming to be God. One of the guys that were with her came and made her walk away from me. Please pray that she repents and believes that Jesus is God. Pray she believes the truth about what the Bible says.

I was able to walk these two men through the entire gospel message. They heard the message can thanked me for sharing the gospel with them.

I spent about 45 minutes going over the gospel and truth from the Bible with this Muslim gentleman. Pray that he repents and places his faith in Jesus. It was a very respectful conversation. 

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