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Keep Going Strong


Jenifer has been able to share the gospel with many large groups of students in the evenings at the University of Pittsburgh. Please continue to pray for all the students at the University of Pittsburgh.  These students heard the gospel and asked lots of questions. They had a good time with the conversation and made fun but they heard the truth and were not upset by the conversation. Jenifer has been going to the University of Pittsburgh each week to talk to the students for about 15 years. Pray that she will be able to continue for many years to come.

The Pottstown crew is going strong. They continue to go out on Friday nights to share the gospel. It is so beautiful to see different churches coming together to go out and build the kingdom. Pray that they will continue to be used to glorify God each week by sharing the gospel.

In the heart of a bustling stadium, amidst the fervent cheers and electric energy of the Alamo Bowl, stood two devoted individuals, united by their faith and a passion for sharing the gospel. Their names were Thomas, and Francisco . Clad in their team colors, they blended into the sea of supporters, but their purpose transcended the football spectacle unfolding before them.

As Oklahoma clashed against Arizona in an intense battle on the field, Thomas, and Francisco seized the moment to proclaim a different kind of victory. Carrying pamphlets adorned with verses from the Bible and messages of hope, they ventured through the crowds, offering the gift of faith and salvation to anyone willing to listen.

They found themselves engaged in heartfelt conversations with fans from both teams, weaving tales of redemption and grace amidst the halftime excitement. Amidst the euphoria of touchdowns and roaring crowds, the trio remained steadfast in their mission to share the gospel, unwavering in their belief that this momentous event was an opportunity to touch hearts and souls. With genuine smiles and unwavering conviction, they handed out their literature, offering words of encouragement and solace, reminding people of the unending love and forgiveness found in their faith. Some embraced the message with gratitude, while others politely declined, but their unwavering dedication to spreading hope persisted.

As the game progressed, the score ebbed and flowed, but for Thomas, and Francisco, the true victory lay not in the numbers on the scoreboard but in the moments they spent connecting with fellow fans, planting seeds of faith, and spreading the message of the gospel.

When the final whistle blew, signaling the end of the game with Oklahoma emerging victorious, the trio gathered outside the stadium, reflecting on their day’s work. They may not have claimed victory on the football field, but in their hearts, they celebrated a different triumph—a small yet significant impact made through their unwavering commitment to sharing the gospel amid the spirited chaos of the Alamo Bowl. With hopeful hearts, they prayed that their efforts would sow seeds of faith that would flourish and bring joy and salvation to those who had encountered their message.

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