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Truth War

The young man in the picture above stepped up this month a ran the Bible Study in NC. We are so excited that the students are learning and growing and stepping up to responsibility.
The truth is assaulted, in all our lives regularly, but on the American university campus, it is intensified.
One must know the truth so that they can recognize a forgery. Many students look for campus ministries to be a part of with so little knowledge of the Word of God. Therefore, they fall prey to cults. At Bible study on Thursday nights, we study the Truth, the Bible.
God’s word equips us to recognize lies, teaches us to examine our own hearts, words, and deeds, it teaches us how to live in this world. We find in the Bible everything we need to live a life pleasing the Lord. We must study it, obey it, share it, and defend it.
A certain cult on campus makes the claim that Jesus returned in 1948. They speak of a mother god and a father god. When members of this cult are interacting with students, members of CCN intercede to warn their fellow students to avoid them, and why they should do so.  What is their weapon of war? The Bible! The truth.
At Bible study, students are studying God‘s word, learning to defend God‘s word, teaching God‘s word, and disciplining others. 
Prayer needs: 
For students to resist the temptations that assault their senses daily. 
Discernment to recognize false teachings and wisdom in dealing with them
Upcoming  mission trip to Philadelphia. In April.
Reaching the lost on campus and beyond.

God blessed Jen this month to be able to have so many wonderful conversations. She had at least 10 gospel conversations each day. So many young people were challenged to trust in Jesus.  Pray that they do.

Tom is pictured above sharing the gospel at the Texas State Capital. Please pray for everyone that Tom and Fransisco shared the gospel with at the State Capital this past month.

This young man has stopped by to talk for the last three weeks at Pitt. He is a bike messenger and he stops to talk before he goes to work. He is a Christian and encouraged by us being out there each week.

Gene talked to two guys named Abdula last week and one of them stopped to talk again this week. Both of them were Muslims and were very interested in hearing the gospel message.

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