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Take the opportunity to share the gospel

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Open Air Preaching after Norfolk Illumination Parade at the Ferry! Over 5000 gospel tracts were handed out! We should all take advantage of the holidays. People gather for events and we should use these opportunities to share the gospel. Parades, light-up nights, and Christmas celebrations are all great places to share the gospel.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. James 1;17

This good and perfect gift is Jesus. He is the light of the World. Go and tell of the Greatest Gift that one could ever receive. Coming as a baby, the Creator of Heaven and the Earth became a human to rescue humanity, and only he could do that. The Christmas season is filled with celebrations, gifts, candy, etc. Make sure the light that shines the brightest, the light that can create warmth, peace, and love in the darkest of human hearts, is the Light that you point people to. Jesus, the good and perfect gift. At Lights Up in Goldsboro, NC, two of my four sweet granddaughters helped me to hand out tracts. It was the sweetest time for me. I had some great conversations as we shared the True meaning of Christmas. Go light the World with the Gospel.

Bible study at ECU has been going great. Students are so busy trying to get prepared of the final exams of the semester, and meeting the assignment deadlines. We will be back together in January. We plan to meet online at least once during their break.

Go light the world with the Gospel.

This man thought that just because he believed a certain way, even though it was not biblical, he could still go to heaven. He thinks that his good deeds outweigh his bad. Not regarding the truth of the word of God. The man I am speaking with said he will repent when he gets to heaven, and he lives his life only following the scriptures he likes. Yet he believes he has salvation through Jesus Christ.

I shared with him the gospel and God’s plan for our salvation. I shared that he was not following the Bible and was trusting a false gospel.  He didn’t want to receive what I had to say further.

It’s so sad to see this kind of false belief.

Luke 6:46 Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do what I tell you.

The women closest to the sign is an ambulance driver and after hearing the gospel told Gene that she sees death all the time and always wondered what happens after death. Pray that she trusts in Jesus. She stayed a long time and heard a good message on the streets at Pitt.

The young lady above stopped to go through the IQ test. She missed all but the last one and took a picture to show her family. She was entertained by the IQ test. I asked her to take the Good Person Test and told her this one was different because there were consequences, unlike the IQ test. Her eyes got big and she smiled and agreed to take the test. I showed her that she had broken God’s law and she would be guilty and end up in hell. I explained that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave. She needs to trust that Jesus died on the cross for her sin so she can go to heaven. There are not enough good deeds and she cannot be good enough to get to heaven. She thanked me for sharing the message with her and said the message was deep. Then she asked if something like 131313 was in the Bible and if the last day would be Jan 13, 2023. I told her that the Bible says if anyone claims to know the last day they are lying. The Bible says that Jesus does not know the time or the day only the Father knows. She thanked me and was glad that everything was not going to end in a little over 2 months.

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