Christ-Centered Trips for anyone interested, students or non-students

CCN offers annual Evangelism Camps and Mission Trips to encourage students to reach the lost through one-to-one witnessing and open-air witnessing on and off college campuses. All applicants must be in agreement with CCN’s Statement of Faith and have completed Biblical Evangelism 101.

Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp

Our annual evangelism camp held in New York City is open to college students and CCN members, other Evangelist and offers both training and experience in reaching people from a vast array of cultures, religions, lifestyles, and worldviews. This fast-paced camp is not for the faint. Missionaries open-air witness and witness on subways, street corners, parks, a ferry, etc.

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Campus Mission Tour (CMT)

Students and Christians have never experienced Spring Break like this before! Going from campus to campus, witnessing and sharing the gospel.   The CMT is a different sort of mission trip.  We share the gospel purposely on the college campus.

If you do not feel capable of going onto the campus to share the gospel we would love to have you join us for training in the evenings.  You can also just join us for one day on the campus and we can help you gain experience.

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Calendar: Upcoming Camps and Mission Trips

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CCN’s Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp (RW) 2021 – 14th Annual  

“Imagine going to a place where you never have to draw crowds to preach the gospel, because almost everywhere you go, there are massive crowds of people from literally all over the world to preach to… That’s CCN’s Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp in New York City. Begin your ‘international’ ministry in NYC!”

Dates: Sunday, July 14 , 2024 – Friday, July 19, 2024

Times: Arrive after 3 pm on July 14, 2024, and end at 11 am on July 19, 2024.  Some of us will stay and witness Sunday afternoon.

Location: Ocean City Maryland

Description: Join us as we evangelize a wonderful vacation spot Warning: You will be stretched!

This 4-day mission trip includes:

  • Training
  • One-to-one evangelism
  • Open-air street witnessing
  • Subway preaching
  • Use of gifts, talents, and abilities to reach the lost
  • Street Prayer Station
  • Group prayer and worship
  • Morning devotional for men/women
  • The Word of God

Mission Cost: $200 Includes a subway card, and your stay at a building. Do not submit any payment until your application is officially approved by CCN via email.

NYC Residents:  If you would like to just join us during the day and not stay with us then you can pay $50 to hear the speakers and join us for outreach.

No refunds. Non-refunded payments may be donated to our Repent and Witness or Campus Mission Tour Scholarship Fund.

Do you want to raise financial support to fund your mission trip? We can provide you with a free tool to fund raise simply and effectively through online support-raising. Note: Only approved CCN missionaries may raise support.


CCN Official Campus Mission Tour (CMT) 2022 – 9th Annual  – FREE!!!!!

Dates: April 11-14, 2024

Location: Pottstown PA

Description:  Spend your spring break serving the Lord by reaching out to college students through CCN’s Official Spring Break Campus Mission Tour (CMT). Join other Christians and college students for this mission trip to several campuses, Open Air Evangelism, witnessing one-to-one, praying for those in need.  This unique student mission trip is designed to encourage Christians and students to reach out to other students bionically, compassionately, strategically, and boldly.  We will be having a Witnessing Crash Course the Sunday afternoon before the event for those people that do not have experience going out and witnessing.

Requirements: You must agree with CCN’s Statement of faith and agree with Biblical Evangelism.

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