Evangelism Guidlines

Through the years we have come up with basic rules that have helped us keep the peace while out doing evangelism.

If someone wants to go out witnessing with us...

  1. They must be a member of their church in good standing or in the process of becoming a member.
  2. They must listen to Hell’s Best Kept Secret,True and False Conversions¬†and agree with the teaching or attending a CCN Crash Course or attending CCN Bible Study. If they are newer grace can be given while they are learning. The goal is for people to not be upset when we use the law.
  3. They must demonstrate that they know how to do the good person test.
  4. They must be able to explain the gospel, judgment, faith and repentance.
  5. They must believe in the trinity, Jesus is truly God and truly man, the entire Bible is the word of God, unchanged and without error, there is a real place called hell and people will end up there for an eternity unless they believe and repent.
  6. Must agree to not use Shock and Awe tactics.

Best Practices during evangelism

  1. Put someone in charge of the outreach so if anything happens everyone knows who to go to with issues. At CCN it is the highest ranking member of CCN or whoever is put in charge.
  2. The person that starts the conversation owns the conversation and if they want someone to help them with the conversation they will invite the other person into the conversation.
  3. Do not invite yourself into the conversation unless invited. The person talking has a line of thought they are going down and if you interrupt you will mess up the conversation. You are being prideful thinking you have the answer the other person does not have, God is sovereign. However if you are mentoring a person then you can interject in the conversation.
  4. If a person has talked to a member of your team do not try and talk to them again unless you are have a discipleship relationship with a person  sharing the gospel and are training that person up., then you can talk to the person after a person in a discipleship relationship.
  5. If a person gave a person a tract do not try and give the person another tract unless the person asks for your tract.
  6. Be polite when handing out tracts.
  7. If someone turns down a tract just tell them have a nice day and do not call out after them.
  8.  If there are women on the team make sure that you watch over them and if they are talking to a male alone please go over and stand by them.
  9. Do not call women hun, sweetie or some other name like that.
  10. No Shock and Awe preaching, signs or clothing.
  11. If you are experienced at witnessing you should be mentoring others that are new to witnessing as your first priority, which would include being an example and other times just listening in and giving pointers afterward.
  12. Safety of the team should always be a top priority. Try to keep an eye on the other evangelist. If the leader of the outreach says it is time to leave everyone should leave the area.
  13. If there is a question of how to handle issues go to the one in charge of the event or the highest rank at the event. The ranks are highest to lowest, President, Discipleship Leader, Campus Leader, Assistant Campus Leader.  Those that have been around the longest have an understanding of what we have learned.
  14. Always have a person that is in charge of dealing with police officers. If anyone in the group is approached by a police officer they should be sent to the highest rank person or the designated person to deal with the police. Only the designated person should go over to the police officer so that they police will feel comfortable and be able to workout whatever needs to change.
  15. Don’ t argue in front of the unsaved.