Open Air Rules

These are rules that will help you when doing open air.

  1. Pick a location where your crowd will be safe when then stand and listen. Sun is not in your listeners eyes. They can hear you. 
  2.  If you can draw a chalk line half circle to keep your crowd at a distance and organized. 10 to 15 feet away. This way you can ask them to step back to the line.
  3. Draw a box with an X in it at the opposite side of the half circle from where you will be preaching so that you can tell people to stand in that box if they have questions. Then tell people to make a line behind that box to ask questions.
  4. Use a stool to stand on so you are up in the air. Using elevation will help draw a crowd and protect you a bit.
  5. Have the next person that will open air preach ready and on your right hand side completely ready to get up and preach in a moments notice.
  6. Have a second person on your left side that is there to protect you. This person is not to talk to anyone. They are not to make eye contact with anyone. They only step in front of anyone that tries to get to the preacher.
  7. Make sure everyone that is with you knows not to interact with the crowd that is only for the preacher. Tell them not to talk to the hecklers. If they interact with your hecklers then you will loose the crowd.
  8.  Ask your hecklers name so you can use it while you are talking with them.
  9. You do not have to answer every question that you are given. You can just tell them we are not talking about that topic today, or something along those lines.
  10. Tell your helpers to not hand out tracts, do not interact with the crowd, to always face the preacher.