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Repent and Witness 

 Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp equips Christians to spread the gospel biblically and boldly. It’s an intense and challenging experience that will stretch their faith.

Missionaries will experience:

 Hands-on Training in witnessing one to one and open-air preaching to individuals of all different religions, races, ages and social backgrounds. Christians will be stretched! 

Men/Women devotional Bible studies to help discuss the biblical answers to overcoming barriers in witnessing and serving the Lord with boldness. 

Prayer and worship time to cry out to the Lord for His boldness, zeal, and strength to serve Him. 

The Word of God, to learn more about how we are called to serve in the light of eternity and in light of the persecuted church in the past, present and future. 

Fellowship with godly, like-minded Christians, who are tired of watching the world grow in wickedness, and are ready to make the change by spreading the gospel biblically, effectively and boldly!

The Goal? To equip and galvanize Christians to become God-centered, soul-conscious Christians, who desire to serve the Lord fully by maximizing their college experience and spreading the gospel proactively and biblically.

Why New York City? New York is one of the most diverse places with individuals from countless spiritual backgrounds. With numerous venues to witness one to one and open-air preach, there is never a shortage of souls or experience! This will not be an easy camp, but will push them to another level…

Please Partner with a Missionary to allow them to grow in their boldness for Jesus Christ!

Would you like to help a missionary attend “Repent and Witness” so that they may be stretched in their faith as they evangelize New York City and train to evangelize their area when they return home? Christians return bolder and more experienced in soul-winning

Please Donate and Help Matthew go to Repent and Witness

Imagine thousands of people from all over the world that do not know Jesus are out on the streets of NYC. I can go and share the gospel with them. It will be 4 days of witnessing one to one. Some people that hear the gospel will return to their countries all over the world. In past years we have talked to people from China, Turkey, Finland, South America, Eygpt, France, German, England, South Korea and many other Countries. I am Jenifer Pepling I love going to Repent and Witness so I can spend 4 days witnessing to the lost. Please consider partnering with me so I can go. I need $248 so that I can go to Repent and Witness.