My son got baptized

Witnessing on college campuses has been going very well.  I have had just as many conversations in the last month as I did before COVID.  There are fewer students but more are willing to talk about all that is going on in the world.  I added Point Park University to the list of colleges that I am going to each week.  With all that is going on in the world, I decided I should spend more time on college campuses sharing the gospel.  I have also been going downtown on Saturdays to share the gospel.  I have found that I get more done when I am busy.  I heard someone say that if you give a job to a busy person they will get it done.

The most interesting conversation I had this month was with a Jewish man downtown on Saturday.  He is not just a cultural Jewish man but he really believes the scriptures.  I love to ask Jewish people what they do about their sin.  He pointed at a pigeon and told me they were worth a lot.  I asked him if he sacrifices pigeons and he said yes.  I have never had a person give this answer.  He had read the New and Old Testaments. He did not think that God would accept a human sacrifice for sin.  It was a difficult conversation because it was so different than any I have ever had but I did the best I could.  I am still studying up on what I could have said differently to his responses.

I am so grateful to God and to all of you that I am still able to go out and share the gospel. 

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