Making Disciples

It’s September and CCN is in full swing on the campuses. I taught about “Hell’s Best Kept Secret”, “Sinfulness of Mankind” and “Attributes of God”. I also showed a movie about evolution and discussed several key claims it presented. Here is a Picture from our SRU fellowship.

We even had a few firsts this month. First a young man named Sam proclaimed the gospel while open air preaching at Pitt 2 weeks ago. He had been praying to do this for a few months and was encouraged to do it for the first time this month.

Next a young man named Dylan decided to join us for outreach at Pitt this month. He was encouraged to share his faith. He handed out tracts and talked to people about Jesus. Here is a picture of Dylan handing out tracts.

I have also been focusing on witnessing “1 to 1” at Pitt and SRU this month. Our ministry witnessed to an average of 20 people per week at SRU. We had multiple quick Gospel conversations (and several lengthy ones) at the University of Pittsburgh. Laura witnessed to a man going to seminary to be a Catholic Priest who claimed the Bible is not the word of God and that traditions are just as important as the Word. We asked him if after confessing his sins in the morning followed by a day of sinning and then dying in the evening, would he would go to heaven, he said he did not know. I pray God saves him so he can have hope. Please pray he reads all the tracts and information we gave him and that they will be used to open his eyes. Here is a picture of the conversation.

I also organized outreaches at Planned Parenthood this month.  I was blessed with a few new faces who joined me in reaching the lost.  One would never guess that people would be so willing to talk to us so long outside of a Planned Parenthood, but praise God we managed several 30 minute conversations one Saturday.  Witnessing opportunities continued as we moved from Planned Parenthood to the heart of Pittsburgh’s Strip District. Diane witnessed to a retired doctor.  Pray that he repents and puts his faith in Jesus.  He wanted to go to a coffee shop and talk longer.  He talked to Diane for a very long time about God.

Here I am handing out tracts in the Strip District.

Finally we like to say “Thank you!” to all of my donors. This ministry would not be possible without you. My students and I are grateful to God and you for partnering with us. Praise and glory be to God!

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