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Witnessing Alone

II spent most of this month witnessing alone. Mondays I am witnessing with my Aunt Laura but most days I was by myself this month.  On a Monday I was at IUP the same day that Becca and Zane were. Becca and I are pictured above. It was good to have a day of sharing the gospel with other Christians around. If you can go with others to share the gospel I would recommend it. However, if there is no one to go with you can still go out witnessing. I do different things to help me stay out by myself. I sing hymns in my head. I pray for people as they walk by. I pray for the people that are about to walk by. I set goals, like handing out so many tracts before I leave a location or having X number of conversations before I leave.

Last Saturday I was heading downtown to witness by myself and was thinking I do not want to be down here by myself again. I turned the corner to my usual spot and Carol was there in her wheelchair sharing the gospel with her speaker. I have not seen her since the beginning of COVID. She had been thinking the same thing I had, that she did not want to be out there by herself but she went anyway. We were grateful for the other being there. It was wonderful to hear her read tons of scripture.

I am working on getting my Biblical Counseling certification. I have all the classes that ACBC requires completed. I got a certificate from RPTS for the classes that I took. I did my 10 hours of Biblical Counseling observation. I am taking Advanced Biblical Counseling and Biblical Counseling Role Play this semester. I wish I had read these books years ago. I commend these books to all of you to read.

  • A Theology of Christian Counseling by Jay E. Adams
  • Instruments in the Redeemers’s hands by Paul David Tripp
  • Crosstalk  by Michae; R. Emlet
  • Finally Free by Health Lambert
  • Peacemaking Pastor by Poirier
  • Parenting by Tripp
  • Gospel Shaped Marriage by Chad and Emily Van Dixhoorn
  • Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life  by Donald S Whitney

These books are ones that I think every Christian should read.

I talked to a young man at slippery rock on Tuesday and asked him what would happen when he died. He told me that someone would have a funeral for him. I asked him what would happen to him. He told me he was good with the big guy. I asked him if he was a good person. He said yes. I asked him if he had told a lie and he said yes. I asked him if he stole anything and he said yes I told him if he hated someone he had murdered them in his heart and if he lusted after someone he commit adultery in his heart. I asked him if God judged you by the 10 Commandments would you be guilty? He said I don’t know what the 10 Commandments are. I told him they were do not lie, steal, murder, or commit adultery those are some of the 10 Commandments. I said you agree that those things are wrong. He said, well about 50% of them. He told me that all those things are gangster to do. I explain to him that he is made in God’s image but he has a sinful nature. It is because of his sinful nature that he shakes his fist a d God and that’s why he thinks those things are so gangster to do. He shook his head and laughed. I told him he knew that those things are wrong he just thought is was fun to break God‘s laws. I asked him again if he stood before God would be innocent or guilty. He said I’ll be good with the big guy he’s a man he’ll understand. I told him he is a he and he does understand but he’s gonna judge you for it. God is perfectly holy. Every time you break God’s law your sin is against an eternal being and you are earning eternity in hell with every time you break God’s law. I explain to him the only way that he could get to heaven is if someone paid his fine. He said, I don’t have any money so I’m not gonna be able to go to heaven. I explained to him that it’s God that can pay his fine. God came down took on flesh born a virgin, lived a perfect life, and died on the cross three days later rose from the grave. Jesus paid the fine on the cross. You must repent and put your faith in him. He said it is all good then right? I am good to go. I told him he must be born again. He needs to stop living his life for himself and start living for Jesus. It means turning from trusting in your goodness and good deeds and trusting that Jesus paid that fine. You have to live your life for him and not yourself. He shook his head. I said so you’re not willing to do that right now. Then he thanked me, shook my hand, and walked away. Pray for this young man.

God Bless you all and thank you for supporting me. I am so grateful to be able to go out and share the gospel each month.

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