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Practicing what I teach

If you want to do a really good job at something you should practice.  Sometimes,  when I witness I bring a recorder  so I can listen to the witnessing encounters over again so I can go through and see what I could do better next time.  This is a tactic that we learned from Greg Koukl.  It is often hard to listen to yourself speak but it will help you do a better job in the future.

The young lady with the bright back pack listened to the gospel and thanked me for sharing.  She did not have a religious back ground.  She is what some people call a none.  She grew up with no religion.  Everyone has the law of God written on their heart and so she knew it was wrong to lie, steal and murder.  She has eternity written on her heart and she knows that when people die that it should not be that way.  She is made in God’s image and so she believes in justice.  God made people in such a way that it makes witnessing easier.

I had such a good conversation in downtown Pittsburgh with a gentleman named Gregory. I shared with him that he had broken God’s law and would be judged by God and go to hell, but God sent his son Jesus to die on the cross in his place if he repented and trusted in what Jesus did on the cross.

He asked me what color Jesus is and I told him it does not matter what color he is. It matters that he is God and his blood was shed for those that repent and trust Jesus.

He wanted to know how I knew that the Bible was true. I explained Textual Criticism. You can know a book is true to the original by how many copies and how close to original the copies are in age. The Bible is the most accurate ancient text via Textual Criticism. He wrote Textual Criticism down on his phone to look it up.

He asked why are there no dinosaurs in the Bible. I told him there is God called it the leviathan. He made a note of that on his phone to look it up. He wanted to know how I knew Christianity is true. I told him when you hold up the worldview of the Bible and hold up reality the two look the same. It is true because it matched reality.

Pray for him. I saw him a bit later and he thanked me for the conversation. 

I shared the gospel with this young man and he understood.  He thanked me for sharing the good news with him.  I asked him if it was good news and he said yes.

I had a young Christian man walk up to me and ask me what I thought about the war. We had talked previously about the gospel. He was nervous about getting drafted and wanted to know what did I think about if he would serve.  I explained that God puts governments in place.  One of the few jobs that government is supposed to do is protect the innocent.  I explained that our governments are put into place to protect its citizens.  We talked about who God is and we can rest in him.  I told him no matter what happens we are to live for the glory of God.  We want to keep an eternal perspective.  He told me he was going to read his Bible more and memorize scripture to prepare.

I had a young lady at IUP come over to me and I shared the gospel.  She said she understood and left abruptly.  She did not seem upset by what I said.  Then a few minutes later another young lady similarly dressed came from the same building and I shared the gospel with her.  she then left abruptly as well.  I felt like I had just been tested again.  Pray that the two young ladies repent and trust Jesus.  Pray that they understood the good news of the gospel.

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