Students joining outreach

This month instead of having Bible Study one of the weeks, the students and I went out and handed out tracts and witnessed to students. One of the students stepped out of his comfort zone and spoke about the gospel to other students. Another student handed out tracts. I tried to encourage the students to take the next step and encourage them to be bold. We practiced sharing our faith before hand as well as prayed to put on the whole armor of God before we went out. The students did a wonderful job and I am very proud of them.

I went downtown this month to share my faith when the students were away on Spring Break this year. It was a very fruitful day. Matt and Zane were able to gather a crowd when doing open air. I was able to talk to many people about the gospel. I probably handing out over 500 gospel tracts. The 3 young men you see here were very interested in the gospel you see the young man in the blue asking several questions. The lady to the left of me was handed a tract and she asked about it and I told her to listen in because I was just about to explain to these young men. She did she stayed and listened to the end.

I was able to plan out an outreach for the St Patrick’s Day Parade. I had planned a final the week before but it got changed to the day of the parade. I got all of the tracts and setup a team to go to the St Patrick’s day parade without me. They did a wonderful job. They handed out all of the tracts I gave them to give out. I am so grateful to them. The class that I took was on Spiritual Warfare which makes is humorous that the day of the test changed. My final exam paper got corrupted just before I sent it. I almost had to rewrite the entire thing but was able to recover it. It surely was spiritual warfare.

I am very excited about the month coming up. I have two conferences in Ohio I am going too as well as I am meeting with a seminary student about witnessing in the Pittsburgh area.

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