School has started

I have had a wonderful start to the semester so far.  I have had students show up to Bible Study.  I am very excited about the new Bible Studies that I have planned for the semester.  You can see some of them here.  I spent time writing up an entirely new section of the website. It is called I repented and trusted in Jesus now what do I do?  The goal is for all of my students to be trained up to go and share the gospel and then to disciple new Christians. 

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As I have for the last 6 years, I ran our missions trip to NYC, Repent and Witness and it went wonderfully.  I had students that graduated from SRU a couple of years ago sign up for the NYC missions trip.  Here is a picture of Josh doing open-air preaching for the very first time.  It was so wonderful to see students go out and share the gospel.

I was able to have so many one to one conversations during the NYC trip.  My favorite was with a Heroine addict named Alec.  I shared the gospel with him and he was very receptive.  I asked him what was stopping him from repenting and putting his faith in Jesus and he told me addiction and lots of problems.  So we talked about his use of heroin and I pointed out it was not going to fix anything but only create more problems for him.  I told him he had to have his mindset that no matter what he was not going to do that again.  I asked him what is stopping you from repenting and putting your faith in Jesus?  He told me that it would not go with his lifestyle.  I explained that Jesus is the treasure that is worth selling everything.  I told him about the parable of the man that sold everything to buy the land with the treasure o it.  Giving up everything for Jesus is worth it.  Jesus is the treasure.  I asked in what is stopping you from repenting and trusting Jesus he said he had no purpose and has been suicidal.  I explained that he was made in the image of God and that gave him value.  The look on his face when I told him that was worth a thousand words.  I told him that after he repents and trusts Jesus he had a job to go and tell others the gospel.  His face changed more.  It was such a good conversation.  It was a much longer conversation but pray for Alec.

I remember teaching Josh and Travis how to witness to Muslims.  This is a picture of them witnessing to several Muslims in Union Square during Repent and Witness.  It is such an exciting thing to see my students that graduated a few years ago on fire to share the gospel and use what I  have taught them.

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