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Tuesdays have been spent running a neighborhood kids club.   A women named Pat tries to have events for the kids in the neighborhood several days a week during the summer.  She asked me to do a day.  I have been helping her in the summer for a while now.  Pat and Pennie advertised to everyone in the neighborhood by handing out fliers to everyone.  The kids are not church kids.  They are just kids in the neighborhood.  I had games and crafts for the kids to do and then share a verse via a hangman game.  Then share a gospel message with the kids.  By the last week we had 26 kids plus parents.  

It has been great to see kids from previous years.  This is the only time most of these kids hear about God.  My friend Rebecca helped me most of the weeks. 

Tie Dye

Kids and their parents came back week after week.  Pat told me that my day was the most successful and well attended day each week. I helped a group called Fun and Freedom on Saturdays and got to see older kids that had attended Tuesdays in the past.  Please pray for all the kids and parents that have heard the gospel.

We took in a young man that I had witnessed to several years ago that got saved.  He found himself to be homeless and he stayed with us while he found a place to stay.  I found furniture for the young man’s new apartment and helped him move in.  Please pray for his continued success in his new apartment.

I asked if anyone at the church could make me some mats for homeless people.  I gave out 5 homemade mats this month.  Please pray for all the of homeless people that I shared the gospel with this past month.

I was inspired to do a little bit of Open Air Evangelism this month.   Right after I setup, I had people stop by so I could have a crowd to go over the gospel.  My church hired a new worship leader and he is big on evangelism.  Seth being hired by our church is a huge answer to prayer.  I cannot wait to see what the future brings.  We went out witnessing with others 2 times this month.  Our mutual friend Mike wanted to do open air and wanted to be able to make signs so I brought out the sketch board.  The Sketch-board is always a wonderful way to start gospel conversations.

Ministry was so satisfying this month. God answered many prayers and helped many people.  

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