Preparing for the next year

We had a great time handing out tracts at the Pittsburgh New Year’s Eve event.  We handed out lots of tracts.  I was able to get into several good conversations.  The beginning of the year is a good time to witness since people are looking to change their life.

I was only on the college campuses a few days in December.  The semester is over around December 12 each year.   I did meet up with a student that I believe is going to help me at SRU this coming semester.  Pray for me when I meet with her again in another week.  She is willing to have Bible Studies with students on the campus during times that I am not around.  She would like to help get more Bible Studies going at SRU.  I am very excited about the possibilities.

December is a month for planning for the next semester.  I came up with my plan for all of the outreaches for the next year.  I made a plan for all of the lessons that I will teach this coming semester.  I made a plan for teaching the campus leaders this coming semester.  I worked on the website.  I found new ways to send out emails to update supporters.  I had to update our DNS and other issues that came up.

I wrote out some frequently asked questions by the students.  I sent my answers over to another campus leader Dennis to edit and then posted them to the website.  You can see them here.  I am thinking about making these into tracts that we hand out on college campuses.  If there are questions that you would like to answer or always get asked let me know.  I will add it to the website.

I spent time working around my house to get down all of the chores that I was not able to do the past few months due to my crazy schedule when college is in session.

I spent time doing some work on the Campus Mission Tour being planned by Andre one of my Campus Leaders. 

Please pray for the coming months of ministry.  Pray for students to repent and trust Jesus.  Pray for students to grow in their walk.  Pray for students to share the gospel and hold Bible Studies of their own.

God Bless and Thank you for your support.

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