Same questions over and over

I talked to a young man named Harry at IUP this past week.  He asked almost all of the most often asked questions.  

  • How do you know there is a God?
  • How do you know which God?
  • Is it the word of God with all those different versions of the Bible?
  • Which God do you believe in the one of the New Testament or the Old Testament? Why did God kill everyone but Noah?
  • Why did God kill all the people before Israel took over?
  • Why does God let bad things happen?

I was able to give him answers to all of his questions. He was happy to finally get an answer to all his questions.  I gave him a Bible and a book called “The Gospel of God”.  He took my card and said he was going to read through the Bible.  Please pray for Harry it was such a good conversation.

had the opportunity to witness in Virginia on a Campus Tour with a bunch of people I normally do not go witnessing with. I got to talk to students that had never had people come to their campus and tell them about Jesus.  It was interesting because I had several Christians come and tell me that I should not be sharing about Jesus.  A major Campus Ministry on the one campus with 600 students told them that it was not their jobs to tell other students about Jesus.  That was a shame.  I showed them that the Bible says that they should be sharing the Gospel.  

On the trip I was able to talk to one young lady that texted me after I shared the gospel with her.  Please pray for Danielle.  

I have been having many repeat conversations at SRU. That has been very exciting. Pray for wisdom on my part as I talk to students for a second and third time. This young lady thanked me for sharing the good news with her.

I have been blessed with two new people to witness with each week at SRU. I put up a post on Facebook that I had witnessed all week by myself and a gentleman named Steve started to come witnessing with me at SRU. I spoke at my Dad’s church about CCN and another man named Steve decided that he wanted to go witnessing with me each week. They have been a real blessing to go witnessing with each week. I have been praying for an Assistant Campus Leader at SRU. They are an answer to prayer for there to be more people to witness with at SRU.

I had to teach on how to witness to a JW this past week. So I prepared for the teaching and then I prayed that JW’s would show up at IUP. They did show up so I got to try out everything I was going to teach on. The witnessing encounter went very well. I had an answer/scripture reply for each point they brought up. I was grateful for the answer to prayer.

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