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Campus Mission Tour 2022

Campus Leaders and others came in from Texas, North Carolina, Virginia and the other side of Pa.  We handed out thousands of tracts and witnessed to more students than I can count.  The Campus Mission Tour was a huge success.

The picture above is Aden. He does not believe in God.  He believes that everything came about by the big bang and evolution.  He talked to us for about an hour.  I tried to show him that he has to borrow from the Christian Worldview to justify morality and logic.

I explained to him that his worldview did not have the ability to judge that wicked men are wicked.  I showed him that if your worldview cannot justify punishing Hitler then your worldview is worthless.  Everyone knows that bad guys need to be punished but his worldview could not justify it.  He believes that morality is relative and evolves.  The issue is that if each different culture has evolved its own morality, then wherever they are evolving that is the height of their morality.  There is no higher morality to go toward.  You cannot judge another culture if you evolved one way and they evolved another way since there is no absolute morality to judge by.  Christianity has that absolute morality to be able to judge men like Hitler and Stalin.  A worldview based on evolution does not have a basis to judge these men as wicked.  We all know what they did is wrong, so if your worldview lacks the ability to prove they are wicked, it does not match reality.

He believes that we came about by evolution.  He agreed that he was just collection of chemical reactions.  Every thought in his brain was a simple, random, chemical outcome.  I asked him if I shook a Coke and a Sprite and opened them, which one would be morally right and which would be morally wrong?  He said that did not make sense.  I explained that example was his worldview. If his brain is just chemical reactions, how can walking chemical reactions logically judge another set of walking chemical reactions?  I asked him which one would be logically right and which would be logically wrong.  He said neither.  

He would not admit that evolution is a random chance over time.  He said that there is design involved but would not admit that required a designer.  He wanted to be designed without a designer.

This young man is a new Christian and he did not understand that we should have a new worldview after we become Christians.  I explained to him about seeing the world with a Biblical Worldview.  Pray for him as he grows.

Pray for everyone that heard the gospel.  I talked to many students at Slippery Rock University and at IUP.  

We trained up Christians at Humble Ministries to go and share the gospel.  Here is an activity that I am running to train everyone to start conversations.

We taught them to share the gospel as well as defend the gospel.

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