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A deep message

The young lady above stopped to go through the IQ test. She missed all but the last one and took a picture to show her family. She was entertained by the IQ test. I asked her to take the Good Person Test and told her this one was different because there were consequences, unlike the IQ test. Her eyes got big and she smiled and agreed to take the test. I showed her that she had broken God’s law and she would be guilty and end up in hell. I explained that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave. She needs to trust that Jesus died on the cross for her sin so she can go to heaven. There are not enough good deeds and she cannot be good enough to get to heaven. She thanked me for sharing the message with her and said the message was deep. Then she asked if something like 131313 was in the Bible and if the last day would be Jan 13, 2023. I told her that the Bible says if anyone claims to know the last day they are lying. The Bible says that Jesus does not know the time or the day only the Father knows. She thanked me and was glad that everything was not going to end in a little over 2 months.

Pray for Jacob, I shared the gospel with Jacob, and then he had lots of great questions. He asked, why does God allow bad things to happen. Why did he allow Hitler to kill all those people?  I explained to him that for God to get rid of all the evil he’d have to kill all the people. I had to explain to him that every lie deserves eternal punishment. God did wipe out everybody who wasn’t righteous. He already did that with Noah, but we still ended up with lots of bad things happening because the nature of human beings is to break God’s law. Jacob wanted to know why God wants us to worship him. I explained God is the greatest good, and so to worship anything less would be evil, and worshiping anything less than God leads to pain and suffering, He asked, doesn’t worship of God create suffering? I said, well, if you were a persecuted Christian, then it does lead to pain and suffering, however, it builds character and God tells us it will happen so it’s a good thing. He asked, how did I know the  God of Christianity was the one true God? First I showed how we knew that God was there, I showed him that everyone worships something and God calls us to worship him. He agreed that worshiping money and other such things was bad. I showed him how morality shows there must be a God that sets a standard that is higher than another human standard. If it is just a human standard then we do not have the right to judge others. it’s wrong to lie, steal, and murder. How do we know that it’s wrong to do those things I showed him that you have to have an absolute standard, or you cannot judge other groups of people I explained to him that if evolution was a reason for morality, then you couldn’t judge other groups of people because they had evolved to do one thing and another group of evolved to do another thing so you wouldn’t be able to judge them, but God is the absolute standard that’s above us so that we can judge other people. I talked to him about logic. Showed him that logic is unchanging, and always existed in immaterial, and God is unchanging, and always existed, and immaterial. I explained the law of non-contradiction is true whether we think it or not, it is true because God is logical. I showed science exists because God has made everything according to laws and so the people decided they could do science because God is a logical being and has put laws down so we could figure out what has happened by testing things and science exists because random chance overtime is not how everything works. It comes from a logical God who sets down laws. Pray for Jacob. It was about a 45-minute conversation and he walked me back to my car and shook my hand when he left. He had tons of questions and God was gracious to give me answers that he received. He agreed to read Romans then the entire New Testament and then the Old Testament.

Handing out the bags of candy and tracts in October was so much fun I asked the ladies at church to make me more bags for Christmas. The students always take the tracts when you say Merry Christmas. They tend to take them even more if there is candy involved. I asked the students if they knew what Christmas was about.  The one student told me he was from Espania so of course he knew what it was about. He was so fun to talk to. He was a Catholic from Spain. We talked about the difference between a Christian and a Catholic. It turns out that Spanish Catholics do not believe the same thing that American Catholics believe. They believe the wine and the bread are just symbols. He knew Jesus died on the cross for his sin. He said also they are so close aren’t they close enough to get people to heaven? He thought that Muslims were so close they should go to heaven as well. I explained that the only way to heaven is if an eternal being pays your fine in full and you trust only in that. I showed him that Muslims do not think that Jesus died on the cross and they do not believe he paid the fine so they could not go to heaven. He thanked me and said he would come back another day to talk again.

I have a tract that I created about Paradise Lost and Paradise Found. I had a sign made to go with the tract. I found that many Muslims liked the tract because it talks about paradise.

While giving out tracts this past week at SRU I had several students that I witnessed to thank me for taking my time to be on campus at SRU. I talked to the one young man about the Sabbath being for man. He said he was a Christian but he did not have time to go to church so I explained the importance of Christian fellowship and spending time worshiping God. I asked him if he took time to eat food every morning and he said yes I explained to him the importance of renewing his mind every morning with the word of God.

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