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The picture above is me sharing the gospel at the Hampton Community days.  It rained a bit at the beginning but it was a wonderful day of sharing the gospel. Hundreds of people heard the gospel. I was able to sit down and have a few longer conversations with people. I was excited for everything I have learned through the years that I was able to share with people. We had many people come back and hear the message again which is very cool.  Please pray for all of the young people that heard the gospel.

Fun and Freedom asked if I wanted to join them in New Kensington at a Community Days event. I was able to share the gospel with about 50 people that day. It was an indoor event so it was wonderfully comfortable. People laughed and enjoyed the IQ Test. I had people thank me for sharing the gospel at the event.

I went to an event to help Fun and Freedom. I showed the kids how to make big bubbles. The kids love this every year. I shared the gospel with kids and parents. Pray for everyone that heard the gospel at this event.

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