Back in the Saddle again

It was my first time back since we took off for summer break and I was so looking forward to being here at Pitt!

Though I was feeling a bit nervous (typical pre-witnessing jitters) the desire to share the gospel quickly overrode any feelings of doubt and fear prior to me hitting the street for our weekly outreach (an encouraging text from my mom helped too!).

The gospel tracts I used tonight were Eight Lies You Hear on Campus and In the World from First Love Publications and Minion Million Dollar Bills from Bezeugen Ministries.   

Campus Leader Gene gave me a stack of Bible Study invites along with the command to hand them out.  And so I did. 

By the end of our outreach we were both pleased to discover that we had given out all of our invites!  Its always a good feeling for me to walk away empty handed after a night of witnessing.   

One of the lessons I (re)learned tonight was to never judge a book by its cover.  An elderly lady was walking in my direction when the thought came to my mind that I shouldn’t hand her a Bible study invite simply because she did not resemble a student.    

Brushing that notion aside I handed her one anyway and to my surprise she not only took one but asked for directions to the location and times!  If she doesn’t attended personally my hope is that she will know someone who can.   

All in all it was a good first night for outreach.  Hoping next week as students begin adjusting to their new schedules they can make the Evangelism Training/Bible Study.   

Please pray for those who received tracts tonight that God would use them to stir their hearts for the gospel and for those who received Bible study invites that the Lord would fill these seats at Posvar Hall with those who are hungering and thirsting for righteousness. 

Until the whole world hears,
Asst. Campus Leader
Mark 16:15

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