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Staying Warm

Many people wonder how I can stay out in the cold for so long to go out and share the gospel. I wanted you to know that for the last two years I have been using electric socks and gloves. They stay charged for about 3 hours and allow me go out witnessing in the cold weather.  They have wires that go up and down each of the finders so that they keep all my fingers warm as well. They are liner gloves so that they are not bulky and do not interfere with handing out gospel tracts. I also have an electric vest for when it gets much colder. 

Please pray for Chief. I talked to him for about an hour last night. He believes that thunderbird is God. We talked about how there is an absolute right and wrong. He agreed that there is an absolute right but could not say where it comes from. I showed him that if the idea of right and wrong just comes from within each person then everyone can do what is right in his own eyes. I walked him through the Old Testament and showed him how people were saved before Jesus and showed him all the pictures of Jesus in the Old Testament. Then I showed him how Jesus paid the fine. He was willing to go back and forth for an hour. Pray he repents and trusts Jesus.

Pray for Joshua. He is a satanist that believes he will go to Val Halla after he dies since he will die in a fight against pancreatic cancer with a knife in his hand. He always carries a knife. I tried my best to share the gospel with him. He told me of hard times when he was a kid and hates Christianity. After more probing, I found it was Catholicism that he hates and I tried to explain the difference between Christianity and Catholicism.
In Christianity, Jesus paid the fine in full on the cross and you trust that he paid the fine. As Catholics, they have to earn their way to heaven and that is not possible since each sin earns an eternal fine since it is against an eternal God. You cannot do penance to get to heaven your fine must be paid by an eternal being who never sinned.
The Bible says we must be born again. That means you repent and trust Jesus. You die to your own desires and live for Jesus. Who are you living for? Your desires or Jesus?

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