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Shared with a Unicorn

I asked this woman if she died today would she go to heaven or hell. She told me she is a unicorn and that God would send her to heaven because she is a unique animal. So I asked her if she is a good unicorn. I walked her through the good person test and shared the gospel with her. As the conversation went on she went from being angry to being soft and thanking me for sharing with her.

I asked these guys if they died today would they go to heaven or hell.  The one on the right thought he would go to purgatory.  I told him I will answer that in a few minutes.  The Christian guy in the middle said he would go to heaven because of Jesus and I told him I would get to that after the purgatory issue.  The third guy on my left said he was a good person. 

I asked them all if they were good people and they said yes.  I asked them if they had ever told a lie or stolen anything.  I told them that if they have ever lusted after a person that God looks on that as adultery of the heart. If they ever hated someone then they had murdered the person in their heart.  They all said they would be guilty if they stood before God.  I asked if they were guilty and judged by the 10 commandments alone would they go to heaven or hell? They understood that they would go to Hell.  None of them wanted to go to hell. 

I told the following story.  Imagine you are standing before a judge and the judge says you are guilty.  You say I am sorry and I will never do it again.  The judge tells you that you should be sorry and you should not do it again but you have to pay the fine.  You are told you have to either pay a million-dollar fine you have to do to prison.  You cannot pay the fine and someone runs into the courtroom and says that they love you so much that they will pay the file.  That is what God did for you.  God came down from heaven and took on flesh and was born of a virgin.  He is fully God and fully man.  His name is Jesus.  He lived a perfect life.  Jesus never broke any of the laws.  He lived the life that you and I could not live.  Jesus healed people, rose people from the dead, and allowed himself to die on the cross.  He did not die for anything he did but for the sins of those that repent and trust in him.  3 days later Jesus rose from the grave.  He proved that he is God and can pay the fine.  You need to repent, turn from trusting in your goodness and good deeds.  Turn from living for yourself and start living for Jesus.  You need to die to yourself and your desires and live for Jesus.  You need to trust that Jesus paid the fine in full. 

The guy on my left that I could not decide what he believed loved the message I shared.  The Christian was grateful that I had shared the gospel.  The guy that said he was going to purgatory had some issues.  I explained that if your fine was paid in full why should you have to go to purgatory.  He agreed that he would not but he asked if killing those that have murdered would be okay.  I explained that God put governments into place so that they would implement justice and it would be murder if he took justice into his own hands.

They thanked me for sharing with them and were on their way.

Pray for Youssef, he is a Muslim. After I shared the gospel with him he did not have any issues with the gospel of Jesus being God.  I asked him if he would like a Bible and he said yes.  He walked with me for 5 blocks to go get a Bible.  I walked him through the normal objections that Muslims have and he thanked me.  Please pray for him.

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