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Excited About the Semester

I have had so many wonderful conversations this semester.  I have been handing out a different tract each week and going to different locations on the campuses.  I even switched days one week so I would see different students.  

I am teaching through the book Tactics by Greg Koukl.  The students are loving it.  

One student texted me the following: ” I was super excited to share. Tonight, I went out on streets to evangelize with Cliff. It was a great night.

Jen, I asked more questions following Tactics book & it so helped me!

At the end of the night, we saw a man who has repeatedly seen us for over a year and massively heckles us, screams, curses us & very angry towards us.

Tonight, we saw him & was totally shocked he was just standing there… When we ask him how he is, he always says “miserable.”

We engaged him by questions following step #1 of gathering information. That so helps!!!

We learned he is an attorney, used to be an altar boy in Catholic church. He kept saying to us “why are you here?”

Amazingly, we were able to share the gospel. He refused to take a tract, but after listening & engaging him, he put out his hand & wanted a tract. I was super surprised.

Over the year, we could tell he is lonely, miserable… but he is stuck on works.

We could not believe though we had a conversation & he listened to the gospel!

Praise God! Would you please pray for him, his name is Bill.

Thank you Jen for teaching us. You are truly answered prayer for me.”


The witnessing booth at Hampton Community days went very well.  Tons of people stopped by the booth and heard the gospel.

Thank you for your support.  I am so grateful to be able to serve the Lord.  I could not so everything I do with out all of you.

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