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Three babies saved and many Christians trained

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The church that 2 of our campus leaders in Texas attend asked them to teach the church how to go out and share the gospel.  

The next week the church went out door to door and shared the gospel with their neighbors.

Mary had  a long conversation with the people in this car, including a little baby in the womb.  

Mommy C has four children and had murdered one of her babies.
She went inside the killing place and began the process of killing her little one. She had her blood drawn and filled out the consent form. She had an ultrasound and saw her a little baby. Six weeks old. Mommy C kept thinking of what Mary spoke to her. She left that bloody hell hole with a big smile on her face. She stopped to let us know that she wasn’t going to kill her baby. She and her sister were very happy and excited and we’re heading out to celebrate with a nice lunch.
Mary prayed over Mother C and her baby and we gave her a beautiful blessing bag. We handed her our contact information and invited her to stop by and show us her baby when the little one is born.
What an answer to prayer!

At the clinic in Pittsburgh there was a man that was waiting for his girlfriend so he could tell her to keep the baby.  He had to go to work and so he went to target and bought a present.  He gave it to us so we could tell her he loved her and to keep the baby.  We did not see her but he texted us and told us that it worked and she kept the baby.

In Pittsburgh the next week we had a mom going in and she was crying.  She did not want to kill her baby.  Her husband was pushing her into it.  So we called out to her.  She went into the clinic.  About 10 minutes later she came out and her husband picked her up.  He was so mad that his wife changed her mind.  Pray for the baby and this women.

CCN is all about sharing the gospel and training up others to share the gospel.  As Christians we are called to protect orphans and that is who these babies are.

Pray for all the work that CCN does.

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