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Training Opportunities

Before Covid, I wrote a paper and earned a scholarship to attend Creation Apologetics training. Due to Covid, the training did not happen until this August. Mary, Lydia, and I really learned so much during the training. You can listen to some of the training that we had by watching their videos online at: Creation Training Institute made sure that we were able to use the information we were taught by making us give talks and giving us a final exam. I highly recommend their training.

I took a Chaplaincy class this summer at RPTS, and the knowledge I gained will be invaluable throughout my life. We heard lectures from many different kinds of chaplains. We learned about the ministry of presence. Have you ever gone to a funeral, visit someone in the hospital, or heard that someone had something terrible happen to them? Did you wonder what would I say to them? What do I have to offer that person? It turns out that you only have to be there for them. You walk up to the person and say something like, “I am here for you. If there is anything I can do for you please let me know.” Then you can just hang out with them in silence and listen.

After you share the gospel with family members and they do not repent and trust Jesus, Ray Comfort always says to buy them gifts and love on them. Other ideas for loving on them would be to always send loved ones handwritten letters for events that happen in their lives. Make sure you send birthday cards and anniversary cards to your unsaved family. In the chaplaincy class, we learned ways to build relationships with people by using these methods. I would bet they help with friends and family as well.

Many people heard the gospel at the Richland Community Day this year. I love sharing the gospel with my neighbors at this event every year. I had two helpers that shared the gospel with people as well. Please pray for everyone that heard the gospel at the witnessing booth.

Campus Ministry has begun with a wonderful start. This young man heard the gospel. He said that he had never heard the gospel before, but after he heard the message his face changed as if a light had come on. Pray that he did repent and trust Jesus. Pray that he starts going to church and Bible study.

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