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Just Keep Sharing

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We find places to share the gospel. Tom, Thomas, and Francisco went to the state capital and shared the gospel. People were protesting outside the capital, which created a rich environment for witnessing.  We will keep sharing the gospel

The IQ Test brings people in because it peaks people’s curiosity. We use the Good Person Test created by Ray Comfort repeatedly. We will continue to use this tool. You can download the file to printout the IQ Test on the Living Waters website.

If you want to share the gospel, we recommend reading “Way of the Master” by Ray Comfort. You should follow that up by reading the following books:

  • “Tactics” by Greg Koukl“

  • Ask them Why” by Jay Lucas

  • “Apologetics: A Justification of Christian Belief” by John Frame

If you want to go share the gospel then watch several of Ray Comforts’ videos.  The witnessing encounters go just like the videos. Bend a knee and pray to God for strength. You might not know the answer to people’s questions but I do not know the answer. Then go look up the answer for the next time that question is asked.

What is needed right now is for Christians to go have conversations about the gospel. I am praying for you to go share the gospel. Pray for many to share the gospel.

CCN will be sharing the gospel.

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