End of Year Review for Jenifer 2020

Ministry Update for 2020
CCN has grown this year.  Thank you so much for your prayers and support last year.  CCN added 4 new campus leaders.  I am so grateful. Training these new Campus Leaders has been a delight.  They are on fire for sharing the gospel and learning daily. 

I spent time during the first lockdown redoing the CCN website completely.  I added a section to help people witness.  It is a list of scriptures for each topic I normally run into on the street while witnessing.  You can see this at www.changeyourcampus.com/ecp.  A section was added to the website that gives evangelism ideas and you can see them here https://changeyourcampus.com/evangelism-ideas/

The gospel at the following universities this year by Jenifer.

  • IUP
  • Point Park Univeristy
  • SRU
  • PITT

I have been going out as often as possible since it is hard to tell when shutdowns will happen.  This past semester I went out to the colleges in the mornings and then headed home to make dinner and make sure the kids’ homework is done.  Then I would go back out to the University of Pittsburgh in the evenings to witness while Pitt was open. 

Students have been more interested in the gospel this year than ever before.  The students have been coming back week after week to ask more questions.  The Holy Spirit has been working this past semester, I have seen the fruit.

I taught through the Westminster Shorter Catechism during the weekly online Bible Study.  It was a wonderful experience.  Knowing the Westminster Shorter Catechism is useful for witnessing.  Most of the time just explaining good theology is very useful in Evangelism.  This semester I will be teaching apologetics on the weekly online Bible Study.

Going to the South Side to share the gospel in the evenings some weekends to people headed to the bars, has been fruitful.  Many people have thanked me for sharing the gospel with them.  We had many wonderful conversations.

With community days being shut down and the parades being shut down, I found other ways to share the gospel.  I created and ran kid clubs in New Kennsington and Natrona Heights this summer. The parents were so thankful that the kids had a time when they could interact with other kids.  There was nothing else for the kids to do during the summer.  The kids loved all the games and Bible Stories.

I also found a way to witness to people all over the world.  I have been going onto Omegle and sharing the gospel.  People from all over the world have heard the gospel via this random person video chat website.  You just put in the topics you would like to talk about and it finds others who want to talk about those topics as well. It is just one conversation after another.  It reminds me of witnessing at the booths.

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