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A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down

I had a booth at the Mars Apple Fest. I was able to share the gospel with hundreds of people. I love the booths because they are just conversation after conversation. They are an amazing outreach. Gene asked me if we could train up churches to do this outreach since they are so wonderful. I told him we could. So if anyone wants me to train them up so their church and do these outreaches I would love to. We share the gospel with people over and over again all day long at these booths. People thank us for explaining the gospel to them.

Gene and I have had lots of good conversations. We have had many very long conversations, where people have come back a few weeks in a row to talk to us again. I am very excited about the conversations that we have had. I have an ongoing conversation going on with a Muslim. I have talked to a young man that is Sikh and it was a great conversation. Please pray for both of them. Pray for everyone Gene has shared the gospel with as well.

I asked the ladies at church to make candy bags for me with gospel tracts in them to hand out on the campuses. I bought gospel tracts and gave them to the Thursday morning women’s Bible study and they bought candy and bags and put them together for me. I am so grateful. The candy bags went out to people who in the past did not take tracts. It was exciting to see people who have turned down tracts take the gospel tracts with the candy. I took a gentleman named Ray out to witness with me. I told him it would be easy to hand out tracts when they were with the candy. He agreed.

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