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Having a plan to share the gospel

We were in NYC for our favorite event Repent and Witness.  We had a wonderful time enjoying fellowship.  I changed the schedule so we would have more time of fellowship.   Above you see a young man that stopped by to talk while we were packing up and leaving Coney Island.   He heard the gospel and was unconvinced but he heard so that is all you can ask for.  Pray for him to repent and trust in Jesus.

Talked to this Buddhist guy for a long while.  He said he did not believe the Bible because of the near death experiences that people have had. He had never had one of these experiences himself though.  The issue is we do not get our theology from experience but from the Bible. 

Repent and Witness is for encouraging and training new Campus Leaders.  I was told that Thomas is a new man and it preaching hard now on the local campus after being at Repent and Witness.

I had a witnessing booth at a local community day event. It was wonderful to have people come to the booth and hear the gospel.  These booths are always so fruitful.

Thank you so much for your support.  Thousands of people got gospel tracts this month and hundreds of people heard the gospel verbally.

When we go to Repent and Witness we have a schedule for where will we be and to go out witnessing.  During the school year I have a schedule as well.  I keep to the basic schedule each week.  Depending on family event and such I am often able to add different witnessing times.  Keeping to a schedule is how you keep consistent with going out and sharing the gospel.

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