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It is easier to go out with others

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Timothy’s friend handing out gospel tracts while he Open Air Preached in Downtown Portsmouth Waterfront! It was a successful day of sharing the gospel in the city of Portsmouth Virginia!

Jesus sent out His disciples out by twos.  There is great wisdom in that. Having someone else to go out witnessing with you helps in the following ways.

  • Having another with you helps you to be accountable and actually go witnessing when you plan to go.  Going out by yourself and be daunting.  If you promise to go with another person then you will not come up with excuses and you will go witnessing.
  • Witnessing with others gives you boldness. 
  • It is safer to go out in pairs.
  • You will have someone to pray for you while you witness.
  • Another person can help you with the conversation, if you get stuck and you are not sure what to say.
  • Having a person to talk to can help make the time more enjoyable.

Thank you so much for supporting CCN with donations and prayers. We cannot do this without you.  We need gas money to get to locations.  We need money to buy tracts to hand out.  Parking money is a need.  We have bills to pay.  We need Christians to come along side of us as a ministry.

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