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Enjoying Evangelism and Fellowship

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We had a great time in NYC witnessing.  We had a guy holding up a sign saying he loved something that was gross for him to like.  I did not include the guy holding up the gross sign.  Frank held up a sign that he loved his wife.  It was fun to see the reaction of people stopping to listen.  The guy thought he was upsetting us but it was awesome since he was then standing there listen as each person got up and shared the gospel.  He also brought a crowd.  What he meant for harm God used for good.

A Hebrew Israelite started heckling Jen while she was sharing the gospel.  Jen realized what his religion was and handed it over to Frank, since the Hebrew Israelite was not going to listen to Jen. He kept bringing up Bible verses and you can see that everyone opened up the verses on their phone to read them.  When you are dealing with a person with these beliefs you need to go through the verse in context so you can show them the error of their way. Frank ended up having to preach over him since he would no listen.

This couple started out by heckling Tom and ended by saying there is no reason not to repent and trust in Jesus.  On top of that they will be in Austin this coming semester, where Tom is a Campus Leader.

We handed out tracts on the buses and on the subway.  People loved the tracts we handed out and read them.

No witnessing trip is complete without prayer.  Every morning we prayed.  It is always wonderful when you can pray for people that you have shared the gospel.

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