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Giving truth

Saturdays I often go to downtown Pittsburgh to share the gospel. Many people stop and talk and I am able to share the gospel with them.  The guy pictured above allowed me to walk him through the good person test. He could see that he would be guilty when he stands before God. I explained the good news that Jesus paid the fine for those that repent and trust in Jesus. He thanked me for sharing the gospel with him.

At Pitt, I gave a young man a gospel tract. I asked him if he died today would he go to heaven or hell? He told me that he did not believe in heaven and hell. I ignored his answer and asked him if he was a good person. He admitted that he had broken the law by lying, stealing, and breaking his parent’s rules when he was younger. I asked him if God judged him by the ten commandments would he be innocent or guilty and he said he would be guilty. I asked him if he would go to heaven or hell. He told me he would go to hell. He said hell. I asked him if he knew how people get to heaven. He said that he used to be a Christian. I shared the gospel with him anyway. I asked him why he was no longer a Christian. He told me that those in the church were all about money and they hated people that he loved. I explained to him that people go to church not because they are perfect but because they are guilty and know it.  People go to church because they know they need forgiveness. I explained that God is holy, holy, holy, and our creator. God is allowed to decide what is right and wrong. I showed him that everyone has to turn away from sin.  He thanked me for explaining and walked away.

Before the students came back to campus we got together for coffee and tea. It was an enjoyable time to talk and catch up with the group I join up with the share the gospel at IUP. Please pray for all the students at IUP. Pray that they would repent and trust Jesus. Pray for health and strength for the evangelists.

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