Back on Campus

I taught through the Westminster Shorter Catechism this summer.  Studying was such a blessing.  I read Voddie Baucham’s book “Expository Apologetics”. Voddie says that Christians should know what they believe and why they believe it.  I was able to use the things that I studied every time I went out witnessing. It was wonderful to spend so much time memorizing scripture.  I recommend that everyone spend time doing this.

I talked to this young man named Issac for some time. He did not believe in God but he kept giving arguments that a Hebrew Israelite would give. I asked him if he was one but he said he was not. He asked, “How did people come about?” I told him that God created Adam and Eve out of the mud. Then he asked, “What color is the ground?” I have heard this before. He asked, ” is it brown or red?” I have heard this line of arguing and so I asked him about his religion and then I asked him why does it matter what color Adam and Eve are? He then jumped to what color was Jesus? I told him the Bible does not say. I asked him why did the color of Jesus’ skin matter? He changed the subject again. We talked about the reliability of the Bible. I explained why the Bible is reliable. He said that he has his own standard of right and wrong. he also talked about wanting the people that worked for him in the future to be good and live by a good standard. I asked him by what standard would he base their goodness on. He did not have a standard. He heard the gospel but I do not think he understood it. He walked away because he had class but wants to talk next week. Please pray for him.

It is wonderful to talk to Christians on the college Campus.  This young lady was excited to hear the gospel.  She wanted to be a part of a Bible Study.  It is wonderful to be able to meet with students for Bible Study online.


COVID has freed up time for me. Now students can go to Bible Studies run by CCN Campus Leaders on other Campuses. We are able to offer the students more. It is a wonderful addition. I can have all of my students go to one Bible Study online so I can spend more time on the college campuses witnessing.

Due to COVID my oldest son has been going to Pitt.  All of his classes are online.  He did not have to pay for parking, or a place to stay in Oakland.  He did not have to waste time traveling back and forth to school.    My younger son does school from home 2 to 3 days a week now.  I get to see him for lunch.  He does not have to waste as much time on the bus going to and from school.

I have been able to have all my students from all the schools go to one Bible Study.  This has freed me up to spend more time on the college campus witnessing.  I am very grateful to God for the time that my family has been given in these times.

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